Venezuela expelled the Spanish ambassador, Madrid reacted mirror-like

Spain declared Jan. 26 persona non grata of the Venezuelan ambassador, this was a step in response to a similar act of Caracas on January 25. This was announced by the Minister of Science, Culture and Sports of Spain, the official representative of the government of Iñigo Mendes de Vigo, the newspaper El Pais reports.

According to him, the Spanish authorities have made such a decision after the attacks of Nicholas Maduro (Venezuelan President – Ed.) On Spain and its premiere Mariano Rajoy.

Announcements of ambassadors by non-grata persons automatically means their expulsion from the country, thus the diplomats received 72 hours to fulfill these orders.

Note that on January 25, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreasa on his Twitter page announced the announcement of the Spanish ambassador as a non grata person. The decision, he said, was taken because of the aggression and systematic intervention of Madrid in the internal affairs of Caracas.

At the same time, Nicholas Maduro called the government headed by Rakhoi “the most corrupt in the history of Spain,” noting that the country is ruled by a “racist, colonialist elite.”

Note that on Monday, January 22, the European Union imposed sanctions against Venezuelan officials. Sanctions include travel ban and asset freeze in EU countries.

Recall that in November 2017, the EU Council imposed personal sanctions and an embargo on weapons and equipment for Venezuela, which can be used for internal repression.

Earlier sanctions against Venezuela were imposed by the US and Canada.

Restrictive measures were taken in response to the political crisis in Venezuela, which began last spring after the decision of the Supreme Court, which expanded the powers of President Nicolas Maduro and limited the functions of the parliament controlled by the opposition.

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