Top news January 24: Liberation of Savkov, interrogation of Parubia and drawing of the League of Nations

About the prisoners. From the captivity of the militants, the 92nd brigade soldier Roman Savkov was released. He was exchanged for a woman convicted in Ukraine for crimes against the country and pardoned by the president.

About the interrogation of Parubia. Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andrei Parubiy was interrogated in the Obolonsky court of the capital on the case of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. Among other things, he told about his relations with Yanukovych, contacts with Russian officials and self defense of the Maidan.

About searches. Employees of NABU searched the first deputy head of the State Migration Service Dina Pimakhova. The purpose of the searches was the search and seizure of funds received, probably, as an undue profit.

About the explosion. In the village of Novoselki, the Kiev region, the explosion destroyed four apartments. As a result, one person was killed and two were hospitalized. The consequences of the fire were eliminated all night.

About Sushchenko. The Moscow City Court extended arrest to Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko until March 30.

On the situation in the Donbass. The OSCE was informed of the increase in mined areas in the Donbas. It is noted that the parties not only do not clear, but lay even more mines.

About unemployment. According to the State Employment Service, in Ukraine, 45% of the unemployed with higher education.

About the Big Mac index. Hryvnia was in last place out of 43 possible in the ranking of currencies on the Big Mac index as of January 2018. It is undervalued by 69%.

About the League of Nations. In Switzerland, the first draw of the UEFA League of Nations took place. This tournament was created to replace the usual friendly matches. Ukraine in the group stage got into rivals the national teams of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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