The queue for the design of biometric passports should disappear until April

At the moment, more than 700 thousand citizens are in the queue for the design of passports

The State Migration Service predicts the liquidation of the queue for the design of biometric passports until April. This was said by the head of the Migration Service Maxim Sokolyuk at the collegium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukrainian News reports.

At the moment, he said, more than 700,000 citizens are in the queue for issuing passports. “The queue for the production of foreign passports should be liquidated by early April 2018,” said Sokolyuk.

At the moment, about 4 million biometric passports are issued.

At the same time, as Vasyl Servatyuk, deputy head of the SBSU, said during the meeting, 400 thousand Ukrainian citizens have already entered the countries of the European Union under the visa-free regime.

At the beginning of the month, the migration service stated that they intend to return to the scheduled issue of foreign passports in the coming months within a period of 7 or 20 days. The schedule of issuance should be restored after an additional line of personalization of documents has been installed at the Ukraina polygraph plant. The launch of this line, as reported, is scheduled for January.

Issuance of biometric passports in Ukraine began in 2015, but the excitement for getting started after the introduction of visa-free regime June 11, 2017 and does not fall down until now.

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