PACE adopted a resolution on the humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Tuesday, January 23, voted for a resolution on the humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine. The broadcast was conducted by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The resolution first mentions the law on integration voted by the Verkhovna Rada and notes that the Donbas is an occupied territory, and Russia is an aggressor. This amendment, supported by the PACE, was made by the Ukrainian delegation.

Also, the adopted resolution refers to the immediate release of hostages and the inadmissibility of violation of their rights.

Russia was called upon to comply with all previous resolutions concerning the Donbass and Crimea, and to stop financial and military support for “illegal armed groups in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In addition, the Russian Federation is called upon to respect the rights of the Crimean Tatars and to let international observers in the Crimea.

At the same time, the resolution has specific recommendations to Kiev regarding the problem of settlers. The document calls on Kyiv to ensure the right of IDPs to participate in elections, simplify the procedure for receiving social and pension benefits, launch special housing programs for settlers and guarantee them access to kindergartens, schools and universities.

The PACE deputies also urged the parties to the conflict to proceed immediately to the identification of all mined areas and their subsequent de-mining.

Also in the assembly it was proposed to create a working group from “representatives of Ukraine, Russia, the International Committee of the Red Cross and illegal armed formations from Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, which would deal with the problems of people missing.

The author of the report, which was heard in PACE before the debates and voting, was the Lithuanian MP Egidius Vareikis. During his speech, he noted that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is worrying. According to him, as a result of the war in the Donbass and the annexation of Crimea, more than 4 million people need humanitarian assistance, the war claimed the lives of over 10,000 people, the number of victims exceeded 24,000. In addition, over 1.5 million people became internally displaced and almost half a million seek refuge in other countries.

The reporter also stressed that people who live in ORDLO do not have the means to subsistence, illegal armed groups also restrict their freedom of movement.

Vareikis noted that the occupation of the Crimea affected the local population, in particular, the Russian Federation began a policy of discrimination against the Crimean Tatars. He stressed that in international humanitarian law such actions are considered a war crime.

“After the occupation in 2014, 44 Ukrainians disappeared in the Crimea, 6 of them were found dead, 17 were dismissed, two were convicted, and 19 are still considered missing,” he stressed.

Vareikis noted that the draft resolution was amended due to the large exchange of hostages that took place in Ukraine on December 27. He called on all parties “to show goodwill and to release all hostages as soon as possible.” The Ukrainian authorities were called upon to create a mechanism that would ensure the support of those released from captivity, as well as their families.

The speaker also noted the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross, especially in providing assistance (information) to the families of the missing.

“To maintain this important work, we need a legal framework that would allow us to introduce the status of a missing person,” he stressed.

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