The dead human rights defender Nozdrovskaya was buried near Kyiv

In with. Demidov Vyshgorodsky district of the Kiev region. buried the deceased human rights activist Irina Nozdrovskaya, the correspondent of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” reports.
The daughter Anastasia, parents, relatives, colleagues and friends of the family came to say goodbye to the deceased. As the correspondent reports, there were about 100 people at the funeral.

Near the house the ambulance crew was constantly on duty. From time to time, doctors came into the house.

Also at the farewell ceremony was a lot of police, which patrolled the whole village. At the door of the house where Nozdrovskaya lived, there were several funeral wreaths from friends.

As reported, on January 8 it became known that the police detained a suspect in the murder of Nozdrovskaya. He was announced suspicion.

The media immediately reported that the crime was committed precisely by Yuri Rossoshansky (Dmitry Rossoshansky’s father – a driver who, in September 2015, knocked down the sister of Nozdrovskaya, Svetlana Sapatinskaya). However, the protection of the family of Irina Nozdrovskaya casts doubt on this version of the investigation, since Dmitry Rossoshansky could be subject to amnesty. Therefore, to go to the murder for Yuri Rossoshansky “it would be illogical,” the defenders believe.

Recall, Irina Nozdrovskaya disappeared on December 29. Two days later, on January 1, her body was found in a pond near the village. Demidov Vyshgorodsky district of the Kiev region.

Nozdrovska dealt with the case of the death of her sister Svetlana Sapatinskaya, which in with. Demidov September 30, 2015 was shot down by the nephew of the chairman of the court Vyshgorodsky district Dmitry Rossoshansky.

After the fatal accident of Rossoshansky, first they did not arrest him, but were released under house arrest. In May 2017, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. His defense filed an appeal. On December 27, 2017, a meeting of the Court of Appeal of Kiev took place, which denied Rossoshansky an amnesty and extended him the measure of restraint in the form of custody for 60 days.

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