Investigation of the Smolensk disaster: The wing of the plane Kachinsky was blown from the inside

The Polish subcommission, which is engaged in a second investigation of the Smolensk disaster, claims that the left wing of the Tu-154M was destroyed as a result of an internal explosion. This is reported by the publication of RMF 24 with reference to the international expert of the subcommission for the re-investigation of the plane crash of Frank Taylor.

According to Taylor, the left wing of the presidential plane that crashed in Smolensk was destroyed as a result of an internal explosion. He claims that there were several sources of the explosion – in the wing, in the slot and in the center wing of the aircraft, which was confirmed by an analysis of the mechanism of the door impact on the ground.

“These conclusions were adopted by the members of the subcommittee, and they are one of the key statements of the technical report,” the Polish Defense Ministry commented.

Recall that in the crash of the presidential Tu-154 plane near Smolensk April 10, 2010, 96 representatives of the Polish elite, including the country’s president Lech Kaczynski and his wife, were killed. All of them were sent to events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the execution of Polish officers in Katyn.

According to Russia, the plane crash occurred after the request of the Polish Air Force commander Andrzej Blasik to go on boarding. In Poland, this version does not confirm. In February 2016, Poland initiated a second investigation into the circumstances of the Tu-154 crash. The Ministry of Defense of Poland claimed that the plane could be destroyed in the air.

October 14, 2017 in the Polish Defense Ministry said that the investigation found the time of the explosion on the recorder from the plane Kaczynski.

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