SAP can pick up the affairs of the NABU because of information leakage, – Kholodnitsky

A specialized anti-corruption prosecutor’s office may pick up criminal proceedings investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau if leakage of information continues in the NABU. This was on the air of the channel “1 + 1” said the head of SAP Nazar Kholodnitsky, commenting on the interview of the freelance agent NABU Evgeny Shevchenko to the publication “Censor.NET”.

“We are deeply concerned about such a leak of information, which once again confirms that there are systemic problems with the secret investigation in the NABU.If this continues, SAP will have no other choice but to take all the cases from the NABU, involve other law enforcement agencies and them to bring them to the end, “- said Kholodnitsky.

November 29, 2017 edition of “Censor.NET” reported that the SBU detained seven employees of NABU, who worked under cover.

Recall, the NABU announced the disruption of a special operation to identify corruption schemes in the migration service after the detention of a bureau employee who worked undercover, while trying to bribe. The Prosecutor General’s Office responded by saying that the employees of NABU could not provoke an official to give a bribe.

Earlier it became known that the GPU conducted a search and reported suspicion to “agent Catherine.” Earlier, the video with her participation was published in support of Rosenblat and Polyakov’s involvement in the “amber case.”

In the actions of Rosenblatt, the GPU sees signs of abuse of influence and bribery totaling $ 280,000, in Polyakov’s actions – signs of abuse of influence and bribery amounting to $ 7.5 thousand. These deputies are suspected of receiving undue benefits for submitting bills to parliament and the commission of other actions related to the extraction of amber, in the interests of a non-resident company.

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