Cyclone “Ava” struck a blow on the island of Madagascar: 29 people were killed, three were injured

The authorities of Madagascar reported that as a result of the impact of the tropical cyclone “Ava” on the eastern part of this island state last weekend, killed at least 29 people, and three others were injured. This is reported by Reuters.

“The cyclone that struck eastern Madagascar over the weekend, killed at least 29 people,” it was reported.

In addition, two missing and three wounded are reported.

The tropical cyclone “Ava” passed through Madagascar on Friday and Saturday, affecting mainly the eastern coast of the island. More than 13 thousand people were evacuated because of floods and the risk of landslides.

Also about 16 thousand students were allowed not to attend classes until Thursday.

Recall that tropical cyclones appear over a warm sea surface and are accompanied by powerful thunderstorms, precipitation of rainfall and winds of storm force. They receive energy from raising moist air upwards, condensing water vapor in the form of rain and lowering the more dry air that arises in this process, down. This mechanism is fundamentally different from the mechanism of extratropical and polar cyclones, in contrast to which, tropical cyclones are classified as “warm-core cyclones”. The term “tropical” means both a geographic region where, in the vast majority of cases, such cyclones, i.e., tropical latitudes, and the formation of these cyclones in tropical air masses occur. In the Far East and in South-East Asia tropical cyclones are called typhoons, and in the Americas – hurricanes. It is considered, according to the Beaufort scale, that the storm passes into a hurricane at a wind speed of more than 117 km / h (or 30 m / s).

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