Yanukovych intends to return to Ukraine, in Russia he is temporarily – lawyer

Lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk states that his client – the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych intends to return to his homeland. He said this during a break in the meeting of the Kiev Obolonsky court in the case of Yanukovych’s state treason, Ukrinform writes.

“Certainly, he intends to return to Ukraine.Staying in the territory of the Russian Federation is a temporary forced measure,” Serdyuk said.

According to him, Yanukovych has a certificate of temporary asylum on the territory of the Russian Federation, “due to the fact that his political persecution takes place on the territory of Ukraine.”

Serdyuk noted that Yanukovych’s interrogations are not being held, because the Ukrainian side allegedly does not want it: “No investigator wants to interrogate him on any case.”

As for interrogations with Skype, then, according to the lawyer, after questioning Viktor Yanukovych in the Svyatoshinsky court, everyone was instructed not to allow the re-development of events. Yanukovych’s defense claims that she repeatedly appealed to the court asking him to interrogate him.

Recall that in Ukraine in relation to Yanukovych several criminal proceedings were opened. In particular, besides state officials, he is accused of economic crimes and involvement in deaths on the Maidan.

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