Boeing set a world record for the supply of aircraft

Aircraft Corporation Boeing in 2017 set a world record of aircraft deliveries. The press service of the company informs.

It is reported that last year the company supplied 763 aircraft, continuing to lead the world market for the sixth consecutive year.

“For the sixth consecutive year, Boeing has produced more commercial aircraft than any other manufacturer, and set a record in the industry, delivering 763 aircraft in 2017, which is due to the high level of production of the market leaders – 737 and 787 aircraft,” it was reported.

In 2017, the company increased production of aircraft that are most popular among customers (737 model) to 47 airliners per month. In addition, over the past year, the company received 912 orders totaling 134.8 billion dollars.

Recall, in November, Boeing signed a contract with China for $ 37 billion.

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