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Venezuela expelled the Spanish ambassador, Madrid reacted mirror-like

Spain declared Jan. 26 persona non grata of the Venezuelan ambassador, this was a step in response to a similar act of Caracas on January 25. This was announced by the Minister of Science, Culture and Sports of Spain, the official representative of the government of Iñigo Mendes de Vigo, the newspaper El Pais reports. …

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Supreme Court of Spain denied the prosecutor’s office the extradition of the euroburder to arrest Puigdemona

The judge of the Supreme Court of Spain rejected the petition of the prosecutor’s office to re-extradite the European warrant for the arrest of the former head of Catalonia General Carlos Puigdemona. This is reported on Monday, January 22, the newspaper El Pais. The Spanish prosecutor’s office demanded an arrest warrant for Puchdemon when he …

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